Episode 24: 2015 Hyundai Tournament of Champions’ Trilogy – Part Two: The Taste of Battle – Airs 15 February – 22 February 2:30pm Ch. 54 Akaku-Maui

The eve of the 2015 Hyundai Tournament of Champions golf tournament at the Kapalua Plantation Course on Maui and Da Game Show host Dave Ward is front and center interviewing the friendliest and most gracious pros here this week. This episode includes a fabulous surprise guest: Hyundai Motor Company America president and CEO Dave Zuchowski, who is a ball to watch. Da Game Show is a creative extension of the Maui Golf Review, Hawaii’s premiere golf publication since 1995. Hosted by Kapalua resident and golfer, Dave Ward, Da Game Show walks-the-talk in paradise with style and delivers candor and humor every step of the way. Dave is joined by an array of regular and guest co-stars with each episode. No matter what is happening in Hawaii golfdom, Da Game Show is a part of it; often and to such a degree that we can get into trouble for it! All of that adds to the excitement as each episode reveals some unheard-of-faux-pas or stunt that only Da Game can bring you. Be sure to make Da Game Show a part of your regular viewing game plan now!

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