Episode 18: Maui w/pro Ron Huffman at Pukalani Country Club. Airs 29 June – 19 July Ch. 54 Akaku-Maui

Dave Ward goes UpCountry to Pukalani for a match against pro Ron Huffman. The duo play an unforgettable match you won’t want to miss.

Da Game Show is a creative extension of the Maui Golf Review, Hawaii’s premiere golf publication since 1995. Hosted by Kapalua resident and golfer, Dave Ward, Da Game walks-the-talk in paradise with style and delivers candor and humor every step of the way. Dave is joined by an array of regular and guest co-stars with each episode. No matter what is happening in Hawaii golfdom, Da Game is a part of it; often and to such a degree that we can get into trouble for it! All of that adds to the excitement as each episode reveals some unheard-of-faux-pas or stunt that only Da Game can bring you. Be sure to make Da Game Show a part of your regular viewing game plan now!

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